For weddings and other events where two photographers are needed, these are the two faces you will see! Katie Bowlds Photography is ran by two sisters with a love for photography and videography. We work together to capture every moment and make the best out of it.



Katie Bowlds

Owner of Katie Bowlds Photography, I am the one who is behind the camera most of the time and manages the business/editing side. I am also the organized one who lays out the itinerary for the day and books sessions. You could say I am the boss. Photographer by day and nurse by night. I've been married to my husband Alex for one year after dating for 7 years, and we have a dog named Kiah that is basically our child. I love exploring, airplane rides, the beach, the lake, and the color Tiffany. 

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Jamie O'Bryan

So Jamie is the younger sister of the two, and usually the one you will see telling you how to pose for the camera. Jamie specializes in coming up with the most beautiful poses and rounding up the troops to get into the photo. She may be small, but she's loud! Jamie is a whopping 4'6" tall, or short. She has a dog named Bella, who is featured often on her snapchat stories. She loves ice cream, Culver's, and anything gluten free.